August 10, 2008

Old 97's come to Raleigh

Old 97's rock Raleigh Downtown Live

I finally got to see one of my all-time favorite bands recently. I became an Old 97's fan after hearing one of their tunes playing on the stereo at Tir Na Nog after a Big Mama E show. Along with a tune by Matthew Sweet, I jotted some lyrics on the back of my setlist, and went to Google to look up who did the song. Turns out the tune was Singular Girl, which at the time was only available used, as it came on a second CD in a bonus version of Satellite Rides which had been release two years before. It took a couple of weeks to find a copy, buy it, and wait for it to be delivered, but from the Friday night that CD showed up, I have been totally in love with this band.

So I was thrilled, of course, to find out they were coming to Raleigh for one show of the 2008 Downtown Live series. The Connells were one of the opening acts (those of you who know me well know of the two 15 minutes of fame episodes the Connells have provided me) it was a totally rocking night. Both bands put on great shows, I ended up one row back from the front of the stage, and got some pretty good pics (note to Downtown Live staff....please let me bring my good camera. I had to make do with my cheap point-and-shoot, and the images are less than optimal).

I'll be posting at least one video of both bands eventually, but for now, here are the best images of the Old 97's set.

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