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March 02, 2008

I have a new woman in my life

Meet Belle, the newest addition to my family. I adopted her yesterday from the Durham Animal Shelter, where she was on the short list of cats whose time had ended. Clara, one of my co-workers, swore she was the most wonderful cat ever, so, despite the fact that Amos and I were getting comfortable with having only each other as company, I went through with the adoption.

I got her home around 1:45, just in time to watch State fall in the last seconds to Duke, and while I watched the game, Belle familiarized herself with her new home. First she had to hide and scope out her new surroundings.08_Belle_0006.JPG

Amos, of course, was not a happy cat.08_Belle_0006.JPG

It didn't take long for Belle to decide that she needed to get to know me. So she hopped up on the couch and proceeded to make herself at home. As it turns out, Belle is a kissy cat!!! She laid on my chest and rubbed her nose on my chin. And she purred.

Eventually, she relaxed a bit, and napped on the couch.

She would almost let me rub her belly...

And by the end of the evening, she was following me all over the house, and was finally beginning to relax.

And this morning, she found the sunny spot...the sun was streaming in the windows in the living room, and Belle decided she needed to catch some rays.
Belle is a very affectionate cat. She reminds me just a little of Charlotte, the mutt cat I adopted years ago, who was my personal shadow for almost 14 years until she died of old age. Hopefully Amos will get more comfortable with her, and the two of them can make peace.

Welcome to the Coop, Belle!

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