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July 23, 2005

New CD from The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

This week I awoke to good news: The New Pornographers' new CD, Twin Cinema is due in late August. NPR had an "article" on finding a great summer anthem, and they played a tune off this CD. I wasn't awake enough to determine if I liked the song, but the mere news of a new CD from this band was enough to put me in a 24-hour happy place.

I found The New Pornographers during one of my "5 Degrees of Separation" searches on Amazon. One of Amazon's great features is the "People who bought this also bought" links. So periodically, I'll look up a favorite CD on Amazon, go to the "People who bought this also bought" section, and follow the links. Once I find a couple of bands that have reviews that indicate that I might like the band, I fire up my favorite peer-to-peer program (Limewire) and download several tunes. I burn them to a CD, listen to them for a week or so in my car and at work, and if I like the tunes, I buy the CD (note to the RIAA: I have about 20 songs that I've downloaded "illegally" [I don't own the corresponding CD]. I have bought probably 50 CDs by first "illegally" downloading some music, listening to it, and going out and buying the CD....so, morons, you're shooting yourself in the foot by banning the peer-to-peer networks). During this particular search, I found The New Pornographers and Fountains of Wayne directly off links from my favorite CD of all time: They Might Be Giants' John Henry.

The New Pornographers hail from Vancouver, Canada. I won't try to describe them, other than to say that they are a quirky alt-pop band and I really like them. They have two tunes from the new CD available for download: Use It and the title song Twin Cinema. Download these two songs, give them a listen, and then run out and buy the CD!

And, just in case you really liked those two songs above and you're interested, The New Pornographers are scheduled to come to the Triangle in mid-October: they are playing at the Cats Cradle on October 16! I'm pretty darn excited!

Editorial Rant:
I've pretty much given up on local radio. My last bastion of hope, 96Rock, abandoned their morning show and started running John Boy and Billy, yet-another-crappy-syndicated-morning-show, last last summer. The old 96Rock morning DJs weren't great, but at least they played music I occasionally liked, and didn't spend overt amounts of time doing stupid stunts or pontificating. They told me Cake had a new CD coming, they told me that they were sponsoring Everclear playing a free show on Moore Square....this was information that made waking up a much more positive experience. Once John Boy and Billy took over, I heard morons babbling incessantly, literally NO MUSIC; and so I gave up listening to 96Rock. I tried RDU, but their morning show sucked too. And there was NO WAY I would ever listen to Bob "Dumbass" Dumas on G105. And so, since I was doomed to listen to "talk radio" in the morning, I tuned to WUNC and NPR. At least I could here intelligent conversation, and the occasional interesting article.

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