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May 13, 2005

Oh yeah....

It's FRIDAY the 13th!!!!

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The move is complete

Well, after procrastinating for months, I've finally moved my weblog from Earthlink to Total Choice Hosting. It was a long and involved move, in that I upgraded from Movable Type 3.04 to 3.16, got rid of a TON of old content, redid several media links, and tidied things up a bit. But the move is complete, I can post new blog entries from my Treo using mo:Blog 2, and things seem a LOT faster. I gained a ton of new features, supposedly lost streaming capability (TCH doesn't offer streaming unless you rent a whole server) but they support download while playing, so it seems like streaming.

I'm excited, and happy to get the process over with so I can dump Earthlink.

Oh yeah, TCH with 1 gig is half the price of Earthlink with 300 megs. Go figure.

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May 05, 2005

That's One Fat Cat!

My wife adopted this cat when she was a tiny kitten. We had no idea we'd adopted the Goodyear BlimpĀ®

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May 04, 2005

Image upload test

This is a pic I took of Mark Martin's "Viagra Mobile" parked inside Exploris. Big Mama E played at the opening of the IMAX NASCAR film, and this car was there too.

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Test entry

This is a test entry from my Treo. I hope it works!

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