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August 29, 2004

Everclear comes to Raleigh

So Everclear comes to Raleighwood and performs at a free show put on by 96Rock (WBBB) here in town. The show was downtown on Moore Square, which was a pretty cool place to have it, as Moore Square is big enough to hold a stage, a PA, and a decent number of people. I ran into a friend of mine, Jim, who said this: "If they did more shows like this, maybe downtown Raleigh wouldn't suck so bad." I tend to agree. There needs to be more of these shows, only with bands I work for perfoming. Anyway here's a pic I took....
More tomorrow, when I have time to deal with them. Also, gasp, some video!!!!

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August 25, 2004

Moments of zen from the August 24th Daily Show

The highlight of the show was this moment...
And then I discover my all-time favorite band performs the music for the show!!! Unbelievable!!!!

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August 19, 2004

Trouser snakes? Are they real?

Heh heh heh......this must have been rather uncomfortable!

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August 18, 2004

More fun with Shrub

Another Indian colleague showed me this link. This is just way too much fun. If you get some good pics, send em and I'll post them here!

Share and enjoy!!!

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H2 vs Jeep.....guess who wins?

So, a $50K Hummer H2 gets stuck on top of a 12" tree stump. And a 22 year old Jeep pulls it off. Sometimes there is justice in this world!
Link here.

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August 13, 2004

GW Bush has fans everywhere!

This link was sent by a colleague at UPC. Seems that even in India there is some question of how smart our fearless leader is! link

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I, Cringely on our current prison sentencing guidelines

Robert X. Cringely discusses a study by Michael Block and Fred Nold commissioned by the Department of Justice in 1982 that found that the proposed sentencing guidelines would actually increase crime, not deter it. Of course, DoJ ignored the study, implemented the sentencing guidelines, and gave us the prison system we have today.

Read it here

Robert Cringely is one of my literary heros, ever since I started reading his "Notes From The Field" column in InfoWorld in the mid-90's. There is still a Robert X. Cringely writing for Infoworld, but it's not the same guy.

I still wonder whatever became of Pammy????

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August 12, 2004

Buddy, got some spare change?

I can't even begin to figure out what category to put this entry in. But if you've got an extra $35K and have some idea how to code 3D software, hustle on over to EBay!

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August 11, 2004

Doping scandals EVERYWHERE

Ok, this is udderly ridiculous.....from the BBC in Australia, and in the UK! Man. The next thing you know, Olympic athletes will be doing this kind of stuff. Oh wait, they are!

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August 10, 2004

The new Communications Paradigm

Congressman Rich Boucher, representative from the 9th Congressional district of Virgina, is holding an open discussion on Lessig to discuss the INDUCE act.

Lessig is the blog for Lawrence Lessig, a law professor at Stanford University. This week his blog is being hosted by Congressman Boucher, who is a hero to many for his opposition to the DMCA and authorship of the Digital Media Consumer Rights Act - lessig.

This is seriously cool stuff. A representative of our government is actually reaching out intellectually and challenging we the people to tell him why the INDUCE act is bad legislation. And the discussion is intellectual, impassioned, and most of all, cordial. Hopefully this will be a portent of things to come.

Oh yeah, the best part....Congressman Boucher referenced one of my posts in the discussion!

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August 08, 2004

Ads gone wild

Reading the news off Earthlink's site and was presented the following ad/headline combination.....


Sometimes you just have to wonder how an ad is chosen for a certain page. If context is used, maybe more than a simple word search should be used, eh????

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August 05, 2004

Everclear on August 28

Everclear to play a free concert outdoors in downtown Raleigh on Moore Square!

News about another one of my favorite bands! Everclear is playing on Moore Square in downtown Raleigh on August 28th with the Clear, and other bands. Details here.

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August 04, 2004

New Cake CD!!!!

Pressure Chief due in stores October 5th!!!

New Cake CD cover

I was convinced this band had broken up, which, while not devastating, made me very sad, because it seems like I find great music to listen to just about the time the band breaks up. Guess I'm just a little slow.

Anyway, we've all heard The Distance, which is a great tune, but in no way indicative of the type of music Cake plays. In fact, one of the great things about them is that it is impossible to pin a label on them. So hit up your favorite peer-to-peer network and download a tune or three, then run out and buy a CD.


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August 02, 2004

Welcome To Cooper's Coop

Big excitement, I have a new blog! A bit about me, where I live, where I work, and what I do......

Welcome to the new and improved version of Cooper's Coop. I got really tired of the old site, as static and boring as it was, and have been kicking around the concept of starting a weblog. So here goes......

A little about me. I live in the "Research Triangle" area of North Carolina. If you live anywhere else on this planet, you have probably cringed after reading this, but if you've ever spent time here, it's a great place to live. Some places have beaches, some places have mountains.....we have both. We have lots of trees, mostly lots of wide open land (even in our cities, but that's another story), and mostly pretty nice people. Remember, the Triangle has been described as a "great place" to live by several major news publications. Kinda too bad about that, because after reading that, lots of people have moved here that don't get our lifestyle. They should go away......or get with the program!

By profession, I pretend to be a "Java Developer" for a major Unnamed Pharmaceutical Company (hereafter called UPC). It kinda sucks, but it's a living. In my copious free time, I run sound for two bands, one a MOR rock band called Big Mama E & The Cool, the other an indescribable enigma called Nucular. I also play softball with a great bunch of people (it's coed) and we pretty much kick butt. And, in the fall, I coach a girl's basketball team. You'll hear plenty about the latter two activities when in-season, otherwise not. The bands I'll talk about all the time. In fact, for those of you new to me, here's the Big Mama E website. Download a song or two and give them a listen. You'll be glad you did.

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