Nucular Todd was the X-Teens keyboard player, by day the CIO of a nearby county, by night a witty pop wordsmith; he's a guy who has an opinion and isn't afraid to share it. Pop rock trio, with Olly Roberts and Dan Davis pumping the groove along, and Emma Davis adding vocal and percussive accompanyment. Guaranteed to either make you smile or piss you off. Or both!
Big Mama E & The Cool Olly and Dan's "main band", they have two CDs with more to come. Classical R&B rock sound, but Emma Davis can belt out a tune with the best of them, and the tunes really are great. Mike Edwards is the rock-god guitarist, and Ken Weigand rounds out the lineup, alternating with Olly on bass and rhythm guitar.
The Connells This band provided me with my 15 minutes of fame. In fact, they did it twice. I produced their first demo tape, one song of which got on the More Mondo Montage album, and 10 years later I got a cameo appearance in the video 74-75.
Bad Checks Quintessential power punk quartet. These guys can put on a drunken show that just simply rocks. I produced their first record. It did quite well.
X-Teens The first band I ever worked for. I started as their photographer, but got promoted to sound engineer when their original sound man quit the band. Quirky pop rock sound, basic 4 piece combo, great guitarist and keyboard player. And still my friends.


They Might Be Giants They Might Have
a Web Page
Because they are just too cool. Nobody likes this band the first time they hear them, but two weeks later they find themselves humming a TMBG song, and then they're hooked.
Cracker Cracker crumbs Leader David Lowery writes witty and great country-ish tunes. And because I wish I could play guitar like their guitar player.
Too Much Joy JoyBuzzer
The Too Much Joy Fan Club Site
Rock with an attitude. Another great band nobody ever heard of, but everybody likes 'em when they hear 'em. Wish they would come to NC someday...(hint hint)
 Dead Kennedys  Alternative Tentacles The greatest punk band the world has ever known. Their first album was one of the best first releases ever. Jello Biafra is my rock god; he's said things I wish I'd said.
 Dead Milkmen The Dead Milkmen Home Page Another dead band, probably the silliest band ever. They couldn't sing, or play very well, but they were just way too much fun.
 Sparks  Fan Mael The rock equivalent of 'Seinfeld'. The brothers Mael have been around since the early 70s, covering the gamut of musical genres. Hillarious songs mostly about nothing.